At MXTools, we want to be your anti-abuse partner for email and network security. Your expertise is providing services to your clients. Our expertise is helping you keep your networks clean. We work with the abuse desks and information security departments at Email providers, ISPs, web hosters, data feed integrators and large enterprises to mitigate threats to their networks and prevent abuse by blocking criminal traffic.

Pioneers in Bringing Threat Feeds to the Market

MXTools is a pioneer in making threat feeds available to a wider audience and in making them easier to consume. The history of threat feeds and block list providers is that most began as side projects for developers. Those developers saw the need to protect their servers against criminal traffic. In many cases, those developers joined forces with others and began non-profit organizations to help push the work forward.

This resulted in some tremendously effective threat products. But it also led threat feeds to remain a niche field within the security market – mostly publicized through word of mouth. In 2008, MXTools set out to change that. Our security specialists scouted out best-in-class threat feed products and block list providers. Our team worked with the developers to simplify their product offerings. At the same time, we worked with developers to make their products easier to consume. Then, we packaged the feeds into commercially available products, and we promoted those products to a wider market of service providers who had a very real need for exactly these types of products.

We hope you’ll choose us as your anti-abuse partner, helping you leverage best-in-class threat feeds for Email and networks. We can help you fight Email and network abuse, reduce risks and bogus traffic loads.

Anti-abuse Consulting from Your Anti-abuse Partner

Our deep expertise in Email infrastructure and network security also allows us to offer consulting services to our clients. We can provide advice, guidance and best practices to reduce the amount of criminal traffic on their networks. Find out more about how MXTools specialist consultants can help Email service providers, ISPs, and enterprises.

Find out more about how MXTools specialist consultants can help Email service providers and enterprises secure their Email systems.

Our Team


MXTools is a longtime member and an active supporter of the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG). M3AAWG is where industry players share experience and knowledge to establish strategies and protocols to fight against botnets, malware, spam, viruses, DoS attacks and other online crime. M3AAWG is the largest global industry association dedicated to messaging security, with more than 200 members worldwide, bringing together industry stakeholders in a confidential, open forum. We feel it is an important part of the mission of MXTools to contribute to collaborative efforts to build shared standards and approaches to ensure the ongoing security of our networks.