URIBL has its roots in the pioneering SURBL blocklist. Its main focus was to provide improved protection and it was quickly adopted by SpamAssassin as a core piece of its anti-spam rule set. URIBL is among the fastest for detecting and listing malicious domains.

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Multi – A Feed with Multiple Advantages

Domain protection for Email – The Multi block list rolls up all of URIBL’s component block lists into one powerful threat feed. Subscribing to Multi has the added advantage of providing access to three valuable private datafeeds including a proactive data feed that predicts domains that are about to start spamming.

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MXTools is the exclusive reseller of URIBL threat solutions. We service close to 1,000 clients around the world. With MXTools you get unmatched levels Email infrastructure and antispam knowledge and 24/7 support to help make sure your URIBL block lists are providing maximum protection. Learn more about MXTools