DNS Whitelist


The DNS Whitelist (DNSWL) is the leading provider of reputation information of known good email senders. Used by over 100,000 companies and organizations to improve their inbound email-filtering solutions

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DNS Whitelist – A feed with multiple advantages

IP Reputation for Email – The DNS Whitelist contains over 600,000 entries of good mail servers, including a growing amount of IPv6 entries, allowing customers to reduce the risk of false positives by publishing the outgoing IP addresses of mail servers in different trust levels. To learn more about DNSWL, visit their website.


Trust Level Description
High Highly unlikely to send spam
Medium Rare spam occurrences
Low Occasional spam occurrences
None These are legitimate mail servers but have not yet been associated with a trust level – proceed with standard filtering practices.

MXTools is DNSWL’s exclusive global reseller

MXTools is the exclusive reseller of the DNS Whitelist, servicing close to 1,000 DNSWL clients around the world. With MXTools you get unmatched levels of Email infrastructure and anti-spam knowledge and 24/7 support to help make sure your email filtering solutions are providing maximum protection. Learn more about MXTools

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