Zetascan rolls up critical threat feeds from leading providers, into one seamless, easy-to-integrate, high-performance API. Zetascan supports multiple API formats and creates a hardened barrier rejecting more than 90% of criminal traffic before it ever gets onto your networks or near your user’s devices.

Why Choose Zetascan?

  • Easy-to-use, plug-n-play APIs mean you can be up and blocking in no time
  • Feed data aggregated from industry leaders to create a best-in-class single-source feed
  • Standardized formats: HTTP, TEXT and JSON for ease of use Real-time updates of spam IPs and Domains for maximum protection from criminal traffic
  • Zero reputation domains (ZRD) information keeps you protected against emerging threats
  • Fast ROI  through dramatic reduction in bogus traffic and significant cost savings versus buying feed components a la carte.

Includes The Following Threat Feeds

  • Spamhaus real-time IP feeds (SBL, XBL, CBL, PBL, BCL, AuthBL, DROP)
  • Spamhaus real-time Domain feeds (DBL, ZRD)
  • URIBL domain blacklist and whitelist
  • DNSWL IP white List
  • Return Path IP White list and Seclytics IP Black Lists

And the list is growing.

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