Network Filtering

According to the McAfee Threat Report, 5 million new suspicious URLs are discovered each month. Those domains represent a clear and present danger for your networks. The solution – Network Filtering.


Our Network Filtering solutions allow Service Providers and Enterprises to leverage Deteque’s (formerly Spamhaus Technologies) data to block outbound and inbound traffic to suspicious domains and IPs. Deteque provides the most comprehensive lists of malicious domains and IPs allowing you to protect your network from harmful threats.

DNS Response Policy Zone (RPZ) Service

Your DNS firewall, preventing connections to malicious domains and IP addresses

Deteque’s DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZs) list active malicious domains, low reputation domains (before they become active) and compromised IP addresses. It acts as your DNS firewall, preventing connections from malicious domains and IP addresses.

Online fraud, disruption and exploitation take many forms so Deteque’s RPZ zones are always evolving to take into account new types of threats and new ways cyber criminals abuse the DNS process.

With the RPZ Service deployed, the DNS processes is analyzed against Deteque’s RPZ zones to identify bad domains, addresses and nameservers. If an RPZ is triggered, the clients DNS server blocks the resolution to the site ensuring the end-user is protected against any threats.

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“DNS RPZ provides a scalable, relatively low cost and effective mechanism for blocking malware and phishing on a corporate network where no existing layer 7 filtering mechanism is currently deployed.”

Source: SANS Institute Reading Room

BGP Service

Block connections from malicious IP addresses at the network edge

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) data feeds are an additional layer in your network security defenses, blocking connections to IPs involved in the most dangerous cybercrime and DDoS attacks.

By taking just a few minutes to configure your edge router to peer with Deteque you can provide your network with the most up-to-date protection against botnets, phishing and external attacks on your organization’s servers.

Passive DNS

Global threat data that’s a powerful boost to your SIEM and security analysis

Passive DNS allows you to uncover patterns of malicious activity from networks across the world. Providing a constantly updated dataset showing in real-time which hostnames have been resolving to which IP addresses, and when. Data points are combined from around the world, giving you the power to build a picture of potential threats that cannot be seen from a single network providing global intelligence to secure your network.

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