Email Filtering

MXTools Protects More than 2 Billion mailboxes.

Let Us Protect Yours!

50 billion spam messages will be sent each day! Our Email Filtering Solution can block 95% of them, helping to protect your email traffic from malware, phishing, bots and other email-borne threats.


When you install our real-time threat feeds, you’ll see more than 95% of your inbound spam traffic disappear. MXTools provides dependable anti-spam filtering through our industry-leading threat data feed providers. See why more than 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on MXTools to provide them with the best email filtering solution.

IP Reputation

The DNS White List (DNSWL) contains over 600,000 entries of good mail servers, including a growing amount of IPv6 entries, allowing customers to reduce the risk of false positives by publishing the outgoing IP addresses of mail servers in different trust levels. Used by over 100,000 organizations to improve their white listings and grey-listing practices.

Domain Reputation

URIBL’s Domain Based Threat Feeds represent the fastest and most precise data of known malicious URIs. With near real-time updates, URIBL can identify and block malicious domains found in email content faster – protecting your users from new email-borne threats and scams.