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Founded in 2014, The Secure Domain Foundation’s (SDF) technology empowers the Internet community’s fight against cybercrime. Far too often, cybercrime is perpetuated through the Domain Name System (DNS) by repeat offenders who harm countless victims and, in the process, increase costs for Internet infrastructure providers. SDF seeks to disrupt this cycle by serving as a clearinghouse for DNS abuse data and providing free use of its powerful DNS Reputation API. The API is powered by a robust DNS intelligence platform that analyzes data shared by SDF members, thereby mapping out cross-TLD relationships tied to cybercrime.

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Tools and Services

Reputation API – We specifically provide validation information on the following data points:

  • Email Address – Validation scoring is based upon MX record analysis and mail server interrogation.
  • Phone Number – Validation scoring based upon structural checks as well as combination verification.

DNS Abuse Criteria – Our API also provides abuse/criminal activity details and reputation scoring on the following data points: Domain Name, Postal Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Name Servers, IP Address, and Browser Fingerprint.

In addition to our reputation and validation API, the SDF also produces private daily data feeds for Registrars, Registries, and other select parties that remediate the abuse of DNS and Domain registration. These feeds include:

  • Malware Domains – Domain Names that were requested by malware during analysis over the last 24 hours. (With domain categorization – EG Command & Control, EXE Source, Compromised, etc)
  • Highly Suspect Domains – Domain Names registered in the last 24 hours where the WHOIS data contains matches to previously observed data relating to abuse.
  • Bad Faith Domains – Domain Names registered in the last 24 hours where the domain name is likely to be intentionally infringing on a large brand or financial institution.
  • Phishing Domains – Domain Names observed as being used in Phishing attacks in the last 7 days.

Global Reseller

MXTools is an approved global reseller of threat solutions from The SDF. We service close to 1,000 clients around the world. With MXTools you get unmatched levels Email infrastructure and antispam knowledge and 24/7 support to help make sure your Secure Domain Foundation products and services are providing maximum protection. Learn more about MXTools

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