Spamhaus Platinum Reseller


MXTools has a Platinum Level certification from Spamhaus Technology Ltd which designates MXTools as their most important and active partner. We started to work with Spamhaus in 2006 and our dedicated Sales & Support team is widely recognized as one of the best in the business. We service over 1500 clients on all 5 continents, assisting them to get rid of spam, keep their networks secure, their users safe and their operating costs low.

It is not possible to obtain the ZEN and Domain Data Feeds from The Spamhaus Project as it does not conduct commercial activities. The Spamhaus Data Feed Services and the related infrastructure is supplied and managed by an independent data delivery company called SpamTEQ (trading as Spamhaus Technology Ltd), and Authorized Data Feed Vendors such as MXTools.

We offer 24 x 7 technical and operational support capabilities in multiple languages. We know that bad things don’t happen only during regular business hours. We’ll be awake and ready to help whenever you need us – for anything from simple configuration mishaps, to fighting off new & serious threats.

Our understanding of Email and DNS infrastructure is top notch, as is our knowledge of how to best deploy the various threat data feeds within your network and systems. Every day we work closely with the Spamhaus Project researchers to provide ideas and feedback on new features and to ensure they are always updated to mitigate the latest threats.


Spamhaus Usage Policy

Many OEMs and ISPs wonder about the Spamhaus Data Feed Usage Policy. It is not necessarily easy to find on their site, so please refer to the following link:


The essence of the policy is that use of the Spamhaus Public DNSBLs, which are funded and maintained by volunteers & partners of The Spamhaus Project, have to meet the following 3 criteria:

1) Use of the Spamhaus data feed is non-commercial.

2) Total daily mail traffic is less than 100,000 connections.

3) Total daily query volume is less than 300,000 queries.

If you are in doubt as to whether you fit Spamhaus’ free use criteria, contact us and we’ll be pleased to help you figure things out. Making sure you continue to enjoy access to one of the industry’s best sources of anti-spam and threat data is our top priority.