Blacklist Informant

Know if you’re blacklisted the moment it occurs.


Blacklist Informant enables you to organize IPs, domains, CIDR entries, or range designations into segmented monitoring profiles. You also have the ability to customize which blacklists to monitor and how frequently to monitor them.

Network Operators know the frustrations of Blacklistings and how time sensitive these issues can be. That’s why Blacklist Informant was designed with the flexibility and speed to notify you of listings as soon as possible. You can set up any combination of SMS or email notifications to instantly notify you when an blacklisting issue occurs. Our global blacklist coverage includes Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS, and more.

Monitor blacklists in real-time



  • Our reporting engine was designed to ensure the quickest and most relevant notifications possible to reduce the loss caused by blacklists.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of selecting which blacklists you wish to monitor against and specifying the frequency of blacklist checking.
  • Our intuitive profiling interface allows you to easily upload and organize your IP addresses and domains into segmented monitoring profiles.