OEM Email Security


Whether your organization provides an on premise solution or a cloud based service, you can prevent up to 95% of malicious traffic from ever being accepted on your, or your clients’ networks. A very effective first line of defense, IP & domain reputation is used to block unwanted traffic directly at SMTP connect time or via lightweight URL detection.

Our technology has been proven to greatly decrease the resources needed to accept, process and store bad Email & attachments, and is now also being used to block many other forms of malicious content across blogs, IM, social media and file sharing. Across all these protocols (SMTP, FTP, HTTP, XMPP, DAV, etc…) the result is a dramatic reduction in network traffic from bad sources, less load on your IT infrastructure and improved overall performance.

Spamhaus’ IP Block Lists and Domain Block Lists cover global spam sources, IP’s with botnet behaviors, and addresses that should never emit email or other forms of content. They are produced by a worldwide sensor network that took over 10 years to develop. It is composed of millions of inboxes and connected endpoints that are actively managed by a global team of experienced researchers. Test scores reported by Virus Bulletin and other independent labs demonstrate that our data feeds are the broadest, fastest and most precise in the industry.

The data feeds can be delivered via different mechanisms. Rsync is popular with many of our OEM partners as it eliminates external network latency problems and significantly speeds up filtering, especially on large hosted systems.




Spamhaus’ data is used to protect over 1.8 billion mailboxes worldwide – we’d love to also have your solution integrate our threat intelligence. Please contact us for a technical briefing and a performance trial, we are confident you will like the results.