ISPs / Telcos / Web Hosters


Providing safe and trusted email service for millions of end users, across both mobile and web, is definitely not a simple task. In addition, having a such a large number of users means your systems are an attractive target for spammers to abuse. The ever-evolving technology landscape means that each day you need to walk the fine line between keeping your systems secure and making them easy to use for your clients.

For over a decade, we’ve been helping ISP’s to keep their users happy and their costs low by providing them with our trusted IP and Domain threat feeds. Our data feeds enable you to instantly detect and then block sources of both inbound and outbound email & social media abuse. By letting you pro-actively mitigate against these threats, we eliminate helpdesk calls and let your team focus on systems and apps that will grow revenue.

As a subscriber to the IP Block Lists and Domain Block Lists from Spamhaus & URIBL, you get a continuous feed to our IP block lists which prevents spammy messages and threatening attachments from ever entering your network. The Domain Block Lists (DBL) verify domains which are included in messages or the headers of malicious messages, enabling fast and effective reputation scoring.

On the outbound side, cyber miscreants use botnet to compromise accounts, and then use these accounts to send out spam campaigns using your messaging servers. This results in the blacklisting of your IPs, and interruption of valid email traffic. In both cases, blocking these messages pre-data, and directly at the edge of your network means you need far less server resources to eliminate the traffic. It also means that you will recover valuable bandwidth that can now be used for productive purposes.

All our data feeds are easy to deploy, directly integrating with the most popular Messaging & DNS platforms (CloudMark, OpenExchange, Rockliffe, Axigen, Atmail, Openwave, Communigate, Oracle, Zimbra and many others) as well as all open source MTA’s (Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, Exim, Haraka) that support RBL DNS formatted zone files.

Our data feeds are used by hundreds of ISP’s and Telco’s worldwide. We have independently verified catch rates showing a 90% effectiveness level with virtually zero false positives. Please contact us for a technical briefing or to set up a free trial. We’d love to help you get a cleaner and safer network.