Email Service Providers


MXTools helps Email Service Providers to address the 3 most critical challenges:

  • Fraudulent sign-ups
  • Account hijacks/takeovers
  • Blacklisting & poor deliverability

These threats negatively impact your business development, your growth AND your profitability. MXTools has worked with its technology partners to develop a turnkey solution that enables you to overcome these challenges via our proven IP Block Lists and Domain Block Lists. Our Reputation Engine™ program includes 3 distinct components:

PREVENT – Keep out spammers, phishers, bots and high-risk users before they can do damage. Our vetting engine runs over 300 tests and provides a real-time risk score for all sign-ups or registrations, enabling you to instantly eliminate fraudulent accounts.

DETECT – Your legitimate clients are prime targets for cybercriminals who hack into accounts to abuse your resources. We provide you with a highly dynamic list of IPs that are solely dedicated to cracking your users’ accounts. All traffic from these IPs is highly suspect and should absolutely be denied access, even when providing correct login credentials.

BLOCK – Our research has shown that most malicious domains are used for no longer than two hours. Updated every 5 seconds, our Domain Threat Feed contains millions of actively or newly observed domains being used by spammers, malware, phishing or malicious redirectors. By constantly scanning all outbound content, you will prevent miscreants from sending malicious content, and prevent your IPs from being blacklisted.

“We had blacklisting issues in the past which affected our operations. Since we started using the Reputation Engine Data Feeds we now block virtually all spammy or malicious domains. This has reduced our blacklisting issues to almost zero, improved our sender reputation, and greatly enhanced our client satisfaction.”

Source: Gokalp Cakici, CTO

We’ve worked hard to make threat intelligence both EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE. You can now prevent malicious abuse which negatively impacts your customers. Why spend precious resources dealing with blacklisting or cancelling fraudulent accounts?

MXTools has all the tools you need to pro-actively prevent these events from ever occurring – simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch to start your free trial.