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    Your Internet & Email Security
    Data Feed Experts

    • IP

      50 billion spam messages will be sent each day! Spamhaus will block 95% of them at connect time, without accepting any data.

    • DOMAIN

      5 million new suspect URLs are discovered each month. Cybercrime gangs routinely create tens of thousands of new domains each day to be used in phishing Emails.

  • Who Can Benefit

    • Email
      Service Providers

      Eliminate fraudulent sign-ups and account hijacks on your system. These two factors are the leading cause of blacklistings and poor deliverability.

      • PREVENT bots & high-risk users from subscribing.
      • DETECT & DENY fraudulent logins from cracked accounts.
      • BLOCK outbound malicious content and domains.

    • OEM
      Email Security

      Improve your performance and spam catch rates. Updated every 5 seconds, blocks up to 95% of all infected messages purely on IP connection data.

      • Reject messages at SMTP Connect – accept zero data.
      • Trusted by 1.7 billion mailboxes – zero false positives.
      • Scan for malicious domains & URL’s within messages.

    • ISPs / Telcos
      Web Hosters

      Protect your network, protect your customers, protect your reputation. Our trusted IP and Domain Data Feeds keep your infrastructure & systems safe and reduce help desk calls.

      • Reclaim your bandwidth, keep spam off your network.
      • Recover network storage, keep mailboxes clean.
      • Report infected sites and prevent device infections.

  • What our customers are saying...

    • “Keeping our Emails streams as pristine as possible is critical to our clients. Spamhaus’ Domain Block List (DBL) is a key resource for Maropost. We use DBL to keep bad actors out of our Email stream and maximize response rates.”
      Ross Andrew, CEO
    • “With over 5 million mailboxes, content filtering simply wasn’t cutting it for us. We turned to Spamhaus. It’s more efficient than other content filtering solutions and we love its low cost. I highly recommend the Spamhaus Data Feed Service.”
      Alex Marinkovic, Manager of Application Engineering
      Cox Communications
    • “Spamhaus has helped us save on equipment and lowered our operational costs. They have a great reputation and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking at increasing their organization’s productivity.”
      Steffen Winther Sorensen, System Manager
  • Cleaning Billions of E-mails Daily For

    • telus
    • mediacom
    • the-walt-disney-company
    • Charter
    • comcast
    • synacor
    • yahoo
    • cox
    • tdc
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    Spamhaus Anti-Spam Data Feeds are used by organizations around the world to help them fight the scourge of spam

    Realtime URI Blacklist containing domain names belonging to and used by spammers